Glover Garden

If you are a person who likes the atmosphere of a park full of flowers, KOI fish aquariums, and panoramic scenes of Nagasaki City, Glover Garden is the place that you must visit during your trip.

Life expectancy in Japan

Japan is a country with a high quality of life. It was ranked as having the second-highest life expectancy rate in the world by the United Nations Population Division (WHO 2020 Data).

Nagasaki Wellness support

In August 2020, only 8,700 tourists visited Japan, 99.7% less than the same time last year, this according to data from Japan Tourism Statistics (JNTO). For the businesses of Nagasaki that are reliant on revenue from tourism, this sudden drop in visitors was devastating. Nagasaki Wellness and the local female-owned businesses that it is partnered with are among the businesses that have witnessed the negative financial implications of the pandemic first-hand.

Navigate Nagasaki MAP

Upon traveling to a new place, you must always prepare for your trip by planning where to stay, what to do, and especially how to easily move around the city.

Activities for COVID-19 anxiety reduction

COVID-19 forced the adoption of a new lifestyle for all of us. According to an article published in 2020 by The Japan Times, the mental health toll looks to be on track to become one of the pandemic’s most devastating legacies.

Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture

When it comes to the history of Nagasaki, the atomic bombing is what comes to the minds of most people. However, Nagasaki has a very diverse history with many events that are worth learning about.

Nagasaki Wellness establishment

Society has come a long way in terms of gender equality; however, a gap between men and women still exists and can be easily seen from the lower employment rate and the average income of females in comparison to their male counterparts.

The fountain of peace

The tragedy of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki is not the only thing to think about when visiting the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park. While reflecting on the tragedy, one should also think about the hope for a brighter future.

Nagasaki Wellness services

Do you know the unique services that Nagasaki Wellness offers? i. Restorative Tea Ceremony is an event that combines the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and Kampo Cuisine.


In 2019, Nagasaki Wellness was established to provide beauty, health and wellness services to both international and domestic customers in Nagasaki City.

Restorative Sencha tea ceremony

The traditional tea ceremony is a staple of Japanese culture that showcases the hospitality and grace evident in Japanese society. Not only do tea ceremonies have an important place in the history and culture of Japan, but they also help Japanese people live more slowly amidst their face-paced life.

Sencha tea

Whenever you visit Nagasaki for a vacation, one thing that you must do is to refresh your system with Sencha tea. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, Sencha tea has a lot of benefits for the body.

The road to modern Japan

The modernization of Japan began in Nagasaki since Nagasaki once housed the only port open to the rest of the world. You can learn more about how Japan shifted from the seclusion period to modernism at the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture.

Meganebashi bridge

Meganebashi Bridge is a double-arched stone bridge that crosses the Nakashima River. The bridge has a length of 22 meters.

Obon festival

Obon is one of the largest Buddhist festivals in Japan. Japanese people celebrate it to pay tribute to their ancestors by praying for their spirits.

Meganebashi bridge

Meganebashi, or Spectacles Bridge (megane means spectacles in Japanese), is one of the top 10 most famous tourist destinations in Nagasaki. It was built in the 17th century and is the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan.

Navigate Nagasaki establishment

Navigate Nagasaki was established with the purpose to help international travelers visiting Nagasaki have the most satisfactory and pleasurable journey possible.

Navigate Nagasaki establishment

Beauty of Nagasaki

Nagasaki is a wonderful city with reminders of its intense beauty and diverse culture at every turn.

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