Nagasaki is a wonderful city with reminders of its intense beauty and diverse culture at every turn.
From the famous, lively Okunchi festival to the impactful, eye-opening visit that the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum delivers, Nagasaki is a very popular tourist destination.

Since there are so many foreign tourists that visit Nagasaki, it is important that the city of Nagasaki provides resources to help these tourists enjoy an eventful, yet relaxing stay. Navigate Nagasaki aims to do just that.

By providing information about english-friendly tourist shops, restaurants, and attractions, Navigate Nagasaki hopes to help facilitate a smooth trip for foreign tourists.
On our website you will find a map of Nagasaki with the tram lines and the english-friendly hotels,restaurants, shops, and wellness centers that are in each neighborhood.
We hope to help you enjoy your trip to the beautiful city of Nagasaki.

Top 10 Destinations

Nagasaki is internationally famous for being one of the only two cities that have ever had an atomic bombing dropped on them, but the beautiful, historic city has so much more to offer to its visitors. The city possesses a lot of stunning destinations and interesting historical sites. A top 10 destinations list based on the beauty, historical relevance, and convenience of these places was created by both tourists visiting Nagasaki and foreigners living in Nagasaki. Furthermore, the English-friendliness of these destinations was rated on a three-star scale by English-speakers. One star represents the existence of English materials (1 ★), another star represents the ability of the staff to communicate sufficiently in English (1 ★), and another star represents the existence of an English website (1 ★). Based on this three-star rating, tourists can easily choose which destinations they want to visit based on their confidence with speaking the Japanese language. Let us help you explore Nagasaki's beauty.

English friendly establishments

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Human beings are made of the mind, body and spirit; none of these three being more important than the others. Nagasaki Wellness was formed to help organize all health-related businesses in Nagasaki-City in order to help locals and foreigners explore spa programs, fitness classes, massages, and healthy food options available in the city. This tab provides all the necessary information about Nagasaki Wellness. Information about various service partners of Nagasaki Wellness like Reiki Healing and Massage, Yoni Steam, Restorative Tea Ceremony, and Shiatsu Massage can be found here as well.

Popular itineraries

Oftentimes, many popular tourist spots and English-friendly shops in Nagasaki tend to be located close to tram stations, in order to make travel easier for tourists. Knowing the systematic way to visit tourist destinations without wasting time and resources is the key to having a successful trip. This tab takes you through the popular itineraries, mainly focusing on tourist destinations and English-friendly shops, that you can model your trip around as you make your way through Nagasaki from tram station to tram station. In this tab, we provide information about which places are close to each other and which tram stations are most convenient depending on what shops or destinations you would like to visit. We want to help you plan your trip in the most efficient way possible.