REIKI Healing & Massage

REIKI Healing & Massage

If you come to Nagasaki, Reiki healing is a fantastic way to experience and learn about Japanese culture and history through medical treatment. Reiki healing is a popular energy healing practice that originated in Kyoto, Japan, but has gained widespread popularity in many European countries. During the session, the healer places their hands lightly on or over specific areas of the body to help restore a healthy flow of energy. Several pieces of research have shown that Reiki has many substantial healing benefits thus proving that it is not a placebo. Highly skilled in the technique of Reiki healing and equipped with a vast amount of knowledge on the practice, the physician will help you restore a positive flow of energy throughout your body. Over the course of a relaxing 90-minute period, the patient is given medical treatment fit for a king or queen that completely refreshes their body. The Reiki healer at Reiki Healing and Massage has previously worked overseas in Australia and has published many research papers in this field; therefore, her skills and English ability are more than satisfactory for any customer that comes her way. Don’t be shy, come and see what benefits Reiki healing can offer you!

3-19 Shimizumachi, Nagasaki, 852-8041

The closest tram stop is Wakabamachi Station. From there, it is a three-minute walk to SHIATSU(Acupressure) Massage Chura, the building where Reiki Healing is offered.

REIKI healing & Massage Booking

9AM - 9PM. Please see the booking schedule below and book two days in advance so that they can prepare the best service for you.
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