27.Nagasaki Station -  ながさきえき -  長崎駅

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Nearby tourist spots
Museum of 26 Martyrs of Japan (7-min walk)
Nearby place to buy 1-day_pass
Nagasaki City Tourist Information Center (9-min walk)
JR Nagasaki Station (9-min walk)
Nagasaki Traditional Gifts & Souvenirs Shop (2-min walk)
Hotel Wing Port Nagasaki (3-min walk)
Hotel Cuore Nagasaki Ekimae (2-min walk)
Hotel New Nagasaki (2-min walk)
Amu Plaza Nagasaki (1st floor information) (1-min walk)
Baishokaku (28-min walk)
JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki (2-min walk)
Not wheelchair accessible
Yoni steam (★★★) (2-hour by train)
Cafe and Petit Hostel ROUTE (★★★) (5-min walk)

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