Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucian Shrine

Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucian Shrine

The Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucian Shrine was established in 1893 through a group effort between the Qing Dynasty government and the Chinese people living in Nagasaki at the time. It is a famous tourist attraction of Nagasaki because it is the only authentic Chinese-style Mausoleum in Japan. Furthermore, this shrine is a popular area for the community because it is used as one of the main venues for several festivals in Nagasaki, most importantly the Nagasaki Lantern Festival. Behind the shrine, there is a museum with many great artifacts related to the Confucius era and the cultural history of China. Visit the Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucius Shrine and Historical Museum of China to explore the rich history of Confucianism in Nagasaki.

10-36 Oura-machi, Nagasaki, 850-0918

The closest tram stop is Ishibashi Station. From there, it is a two-minute walk to the entrance of the Confucius Shrine.

Tel: 095-824-4022

Admission Fee:
660 yen for adults individually, 528 yen for adults in a group; 440 yen for high school students individually, 352 yen for high school students in a group; 330 yen for junior high and elementary students individually, 264 yen for junior high and elementary students in a group

9AM-6PM all year round
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