Oura Cathedral

Oura Cathedral

Oura Cathedral is a symbol of the complicated history of Christianity in Nagasaki and is also the oldest wooden church built in Gothic style in Japan. For these reasons it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018. This national treasure was built in the Edo period by French Missionaries; therefore, it is one of the first Western-style buildings in Japan. Due to its beauty and historical importance, it attracts many visitors from around the world. It is easy to get there by tram and takes only about 5 minutes to walk to from the closest tram station (Oura Cathedral No. 50). The Oura Cathedral is open to visitors every day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with an admission fee of 1000 yen for adults, 400 yen for junior and high school students, and 300 yen for elementary school students. Information about the church is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

5-3 Minamiyamatemachi, Nagasaki, 850-0931

The closest tram stop is the Oura Cathedral Station. From there, it is a five minute walk to the cathedral.

Telephone: 095-801-0707

Admission Fee:
1,000 yen for adults, 400 yen for junior and high school students, 300 yen for elementary school students

8AM-6PM all year round Closed December 31st to January 2nd
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