Nagasaki Okunchi Festival

Nagasaki Okunchi Festival

Nagasaki Okunchi, one of the most famous festivals in Nagasaki, is celebrated by both international visitors and Nagasaki citizens due to its unique display of Japanese culture mixed with foreign influence. You can only witness it once a year from October 7th to 9th in four locations across Nagasaki City, the main one being Suwa Shrine. During the Kunchi celebration, you can experience a wide variety of cultural performances including Japanese Shinto praying rituals, dragon dancing, riverboat festivities, and whale spouting dances. These performances have roots not only in Japan but also in China, Vietnam, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Vivacity, passion, and energy are the three most appropriate words to describe the Okunchi festival.

Why don’t you come to celebrate it in Nagasaki someday? Nagasaki Kunchi will not disappoint you!

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Photos taken by Dương Tân